A school of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

Preparing Students for Success in High School, College and Beyond


The love of stories and reading as a child lays a foundation for achieving in school . Here at Grace Christian Academy, we begin early. The 4 year old preschool students come once a week to our library to enjoy a story read to them and to select a book. The books remain in their classrooms to be used by the teacher and then are returned to the library.

In Kindergarten, the children engage in a good story read by the librarian and then choose a book from a section appropriate for their age. Books that are checked out for them are taken home. When they return their book they receive a little prize with a Jesus message.

Since students in grades 5-8 read novels as part of their Language Arts curriculum, they do not have a designated library program time.

While this program teaches responsibility for an item that is not their own, we pray it will also instill within the children a love for books and reading.

The first and second graders listen to a story, check out an appropriate book to take home and receive points to come to three different pizza parties during the school year.

The third and fourth grades select books and write a short book report. This give them points to attend the pizza lunches as well.

Library Time is run and supervised by Mrs.  Karen Giannotta, also known to the children as the slightly forgetful Mrs. Snizzle.